Services We Provide

Mincz Tire & Auto Service provides a variety of repair and installation services for cars of all makes and ages.

How can we help you?

Tire Replacement and Repair

Tires are the foundation for your car’s safe operation. Making sure your vehicle is equipped with tires that aren’t worn, separated, or damaged can help you travel with peace of mind — and avoid disaster.

Wheel Replacement and Repair

Want to give your car a fresh new look? Or maybe you’re feeling the bumpy ride (or flat tire) caused by a pothole, curb, or collision? Whatever your needs are when it comes to wheels, we’ve got you covered.

Routine Maintenance

Oil changes, battery and charging system checks, belt inspections and replacements, filter changes, and more can be taken care of closer to home and at a fraction the cost of a dealership.

Brake Maintenance and Service

City driving can wear down your car’s brake system fast. We can help make sure your brakes are operating safely — and in compliance with Virginia State Inspection standards.

Steering Alignment and Suspension Service

If driving has become more of a workout than a pleasure, your steering or suspension systems may need attention. Help your car, especially your tires, last longer with our help.

Automotive Heating and Air Conditioning Service

From personal comfort to operational safety, your car’s heating and cooling systems work hard. We can make sure your airflow is performing at 100% with our full range of repair and maintenance services.

Need to find an original wheel, wheel cover, or center cap?

We stock hundreds of used and hard to find wheels and accessories — from vintage classics to this year’s models — and our inventory changes daily!